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About Us
The foundations of Elita were laid in 2000. AteĊŸ Elektrik, which is an Elita Group company, was established in 2000 as a contracting company and has a very good reputation in the sector. It has become one of Turkey's leading electricity company. During this period, he took part in many construction projects besides the electricity sector. Upon the growth of the architectural branch, it was decided to establish a separate company and Elita Construction was established at 2016. Since its establishment, it has been a company that adds value to projects and produces solutions with its understanding of working towards customer satisfaction. Quality has become a standard in Elita projects. For each project, a quality control engineer is working on site. The quality group reports independently from the project management and the project is monitored by the head office in terms of both progress and quality. Elita has always used high quality products. It has a long-term business history with suppliers and manufacturers of many products that are accepted worldwide. As a result of the trust gained in the sector for years, Elita can reach the most appropriate costs in material supply. Combining engineering vision and experience, it continues to serve its customers in all areas of construction, from design to implementation, from reinforced concrete to steel structures and modern wooden buildings.